Apply for Buy BC Logo Licensing Today!

Welcome to the IAF Buy BC Licensing portal. The portal securely stores information on your organization and facilitates your Buy BC logo license application, including modifying products.

Please follow the instructions below. Click "Support" along the top to review Frequently Asked Questions.

Phase 1: Register

Register your organization. To complete the registration, you will be asked a series of basic questions about your organization.

Note: You can have more than one organization registered to your user profile (i.e. consultants that represent multiple organizations).

Phase 2: Apply for Buy BC Logo Licensing 

When your organization registration is approved, you can start your Buy BC logo license application.

Each organization can have one logo license.

Note: If you already have a logo license, you'll be able to review and update existing logo license information.

Phase 3: Modify an Existing Buy BC Logo License

If your organization has already been approved for a Certification Buy BC logo license, you will be able to keep your product list up to date using the Portal. Click the arrow next to “Status Reason” and then then click “Update Certification License” to add a new product. Click the down arrow to the right of a product to remove or edit the cost of production figures on an existing product.

A product must be approved before the Buy BC logo can be used on packaging, labelling and/or product-specific marketing.

Marketing Buy BC logo licenses cannot be modified. Questions? Please contact licensing(at)