IAF Portal: Apply for Funding Today!

Welcome to the NEW IAF portal! A tailor-made online application tool designed specifically for the agriculture and agri-food sector in BC. The portal is your one-stop-shop for applying for Government Funding that is administered by IAF.  

The portal securely stores information on your organization, determines your eligibility for funding and facilitates your full application. 

Apply for funding occurs in three phases

Phase 1: Register your Organization 

You are required to register the organization you wish to apply for funding to the online Portal.  This first step will ask a series of basic questions about your organization.

Phase 2: Determine your Eligibility 

Before applying, you must determine which funding programs your organization is eligible for. Eligibility screening is determined based on your organization’s operational, legal and financial capacity. 

Phase 3: Apply for Funding 

The third step is to complete a specific program application on behalf of your organization for a project funding request. You will only be able to submit a funding application to programs you are deemed eligible for. 

Ready to start the process?  

Register Your Organization Here!