IAF Portal: Apply for Funding Today!

Welcome to the IAF online application portal! A tailor-made tool designed specifically for the agriculture and agri-food sector in BC. The portal is your one-stop-shop for applying for Government Funding that is administered by IAF.  

The portal securely stores information on your organization, determines your eligibility for funding and facilitates your full application.

Phase 1: Register

Register the organization you represent; this section of the online portal will ask a series of basic questions about your organization.

Please note, you can have more than one organization registered to your account (i.e. consultants with multiple clients).



Phase 2: Eligibility 

Before applying, you must determine which funding programs your registered organization is eligible for. Eligibility screening is determined based on your organization’s operational, legal and financial capacity.

Been a while since you completed the eligibility screen? Please complete it again if any information (i.e. annual gross revenue for most recent year) needs to be updated / has changed.



Phase 3: Application

The third step is to complete a specific program application on behalf of your organization for a project funding request. You will only be able to submit a funding application to programs you are deemed eligible for.

To apply for program your organization is eligible for, or to edit a draft application.